Saturday, May 22, 2010

It appears youtube hates me

My video was deleted because I used "Period by CHEMISTRY" on it.

Well, good news is I was wanting to re-do the video anyways.
SO, expect a link to that in the coming days.

Monday, February 22, 2010

What IS Brotherhood?

Asking yourself, "What is the point of this Brotherhood series?"
This video should help you out.
It's quick, simple, and to the point.

As is says,
the first anime eventually created it's own "universe" and explanations for things.
There are so many differences that if I were to make a video about them, it would be over 10 minutes long (which is the youtube limit)
You may have noticed Dante was included in the list of "created characters"
It is as it says it is. Dante, or anyone resembling her, is not in the manga or Brotherhood. The villian of the manga is referred to as "Father" by the other humunculi. He has no name. He was the first homunculus created and then HE created the other 7 by taking the traits of Pride, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, and Wrath out of him and making "children" out of them. And unlike the first series, the homunculi live up to there names.
You may have also noticed that Sloth and Wrath were "created characters"
That is also true.
In the manga/brotherhood. Sloth is a large, very lazy, man. Who thinks everything takes "To much effort" As for Wrath, he is an easily ticked off man...named Fuhrer King Bradley. Now you are saying to yourself, "No, he is pride." Wrong. The first anime changed which homunculus he is. Now, knowing Bradley is Wrath. You must realize Pride is someone else as well. Pride was the first homunculus created by Father. As well as the most powerfull, deadly, ruthless, and terrifying. You are most likely picturing exactly what I just described. But his appearence is very deceiving. Who is he you ask? *SPOILER WARNING* SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER None other than little Selim Bradley.
That's right. And it makes me laugh that in the first anime "Pride" killed Selim.
Irony is fun.

Hopefully this helped clear up how very different the two anime's are. And my final note is that you watch Brotherhood. It's far more superior.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Expect this site to kick off this week.
(anyone catch the Brotherhood premiere?)

Planning on writing up alot more and making more comparison video's as well.
Sorry for the mini-hiatus.
College can be time consuming :P

(EDIT: youtube delted my video account for this will take longer that I thought. Hang tight though..)

Please enjoy this crappy photoshop of Envy conveying how I feel in the meantime.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Brotherhood English Air Date

Just announced today FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST BROTHERHOOD Will be airing on Adult Swim this 2-13-2010 (almost 8 days from now!)

This was a huge shock for me. I'd been under the impression that Brotherhood wouldn't be released until Late April/Early May and that it would only be on DVD. But to my extreme surprise, it airs in 9 days. NINE days.

It's scheduled to run it's "first" season which, according to the link, puts the last Episode at 26. Which, for Brotherhood fans, is pretty famous and adored. So, set your Tivo's/Dvr's and get ready because in 10 days we start a 26 week journey.

(seriously I was having spaz attacks when I read this)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Human Transmutation

The differences in HUMAN TRANSMUTATION.


Both start out similiar, the brothers reading out loud the chemicals that make up an adult human body. They begin the transmutation, and Alphonse points out that something isn't quite right.. This is where the anime's change.

2003 anime: Small black hands begin grabbing at the brothers, a "portal" opens up in the wall and Alphonse gets pulled in with Ed reaching for him. Al disappears and Ed has thousands and thousands of images flash through his mind, which he comes to understand as the "truth." He see's a siloutte of his mom and reaches for her, but hundreds of little black hands, and people begin grabbing him. Suddenly he finds himself in an empty "world" in front of a gate. He demands to be let back in through the gate, but realizes he needs to have an equivalent exchange for the info. His left leg is taken from him and he "wakes up" back in the room. Ed lays there cringing and looks towards the middle of the circle for his mom. But it's not his mom. What lays in the spot that should have been their resurrected mother is an unidentifiable heap of organs. Ed realizes Al is no where to be seen and in an act of desperation knocks down one of his father's decorative suits of armor in the room. He draws a transmutation circle on the inside of the armor with his own blood, and then covers himself with the same transmutation circle. Then through alchemy he attaches Alphonse's spirit to the armor. Ed finds himself back in the "gate world" and the little black hands take his right arm as he approuches a siloutte of Alphonse. Al wakes up to find a bloody Ed with a missing arm and leg. Ed explains to Al that he traded his right arm for Al's spirit and then attached it to the armor. Al carries Ed to the neighboring family friends and begs them to help Ed.

2009 anime. Black hands begin coming out of the transmutation circle and in the middle a giant eye appears. The hands grab at Al and onto Ed's left leg. Al starts screaming out for his brother and when Ed looks up he finds that Al is being disintegrated before his eyes. He tries to grab onto his brother but everything goes white. He finds himself standing before a large gate and an entity that define's itself as "the Truth." The gate's open and pull Ed inside and begin showing him the Truth. When it feels like his head is about to burst he see's the outline of his mother reaching for him, he reaches for her and just when he was about to grab her hand, she disapears and he finds himself outside the gate. He begs the Truth to let him see it one more time so he could know what more he needed to learn to call his mom back from the other side, but the Truth tells him that that is all he can see with the toll he paid. The Truth then takes Edward's left leg and Ed finds himself back in the room clutching at his missing leg. Ed looks for his mom but finds an unidentifiable creature laying where his resurrected mother should be. It appears to be alive and reaching for him but then goes limp. Ed begins screaming out for Alphonse but realizes his brother's clothes are all that remain. Ed quickly knocks down a decorative suit of armor that his father had and draws a transmutation circle on the inside of the armor with his own blood. Using alchemy Ed seals Alphones' soul to the armor.

Noticiable differences (I base all my differences off of the manga, which is the original source and story. So it may appear i'm being biased towards Brotherhood). With the 03 anime: Alphonse was willing to do the transmutation, in no part was he forced into it or was he "whimping out"./ The anime does not show a large eye appearing at the center of the circle./ Al is taken through a portal in the wall, in the manga he simply disintegrates/ The gate that Ed goes to is very different from the manga, it is large with columns, whereas in the manga it is a tall slender rectangle with inscriptions and pictures on it, everyone's gate is different, Ed's has the words "adonai" and "ehich pater" written largely. All gate's have a depiction of the sun on them./ The Truth entity does not exist in the 2003 anime./ The heap of organs the brothers created lives and becomes the homunculus Sloth in the 03 anime, whereas in the manga, The creature dies and is buried by Pinako. Ed even later digs it up to see if it was anything that resembled his mother. It wasn't./ Little black "children" live inside the gate, and are the source of the little black hands./ In the 03 anime Edward covers himself with the same blood seal as what he put inside the suit of armor. He draws it on his heart, both arms, and his remaining leg, whereas in the manga, he just draws the circle inside the armor and then claps his hands yelling for the Truth to take his other leg, his arms, or even his heart in exchange for Alphonses soul/ Inside the "world" Ed is taken too, it's a yellowish tan color, when in the manga and anime it is pure white.

Here are pictures that show the differencs;
Brotherhood is on the left, 2003 anime is on the right.